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3-17-14 - Illuminated backdrop

   Today I added some Blue and white LEDs on the backside of my buildings, which immuminate the Big city backdrop on the wall!  There is also a small switch hidden under the face of the layout to manually turn the lights on or off, depending on if its "day or night" on the layout.  It really sets the mood for nighttime train running!  Thanks for visiting my website & blog!

3-11-14 - Beer truck scene

   These workers are loading a truck with some beer from the Iron City Brewery.  One guy is thinking..."I'm going crack open a case and have a cold one on the job!" Cool

The scene was just added to the layout today along with the red stake truck by Welly.  The figures are made by woodlad scenics.  Thanks for visiting!

3-2-14 - Scratch Built Incline Cars

  Finally after years of looking at my incline, I have really made some great progress on this chilly weekend!  I started by changing the track to HO scale as seen in the previous post.  From there I took the orange colored HO scale passenger cars I had and trimmed them to a smaller size.  I then attached the ends back on, and gave them new paint jobs.  I had to custom build the wheel arrangements with pieces of balsa wood.  I tool HO scale whhel I had and put them through a small plastic tube, which allowed them to turn on a single axle.  Once the cars were completed, I took some black nylon thread and attached the same thred to each car.  At the top of the incline there are two posts which the thread wraps around and aligns the cars on the track. 

For now, I can pull on one car and they both will move up or down prototypically.  I do plan to morotrize them in the future.  The next step for my incline will be revisiting the structures at the top and bottom, adding lighting and details. 

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3-1-14 -Installing HO Scale track for the Incline

In Pittsburgh we have a couple Inclines that provide transportation for people to go up and down the steep cliifside of Mt. Washington.  They have two incline cars that travel up and down in opposite direction. These are also a big tourist attraction, with breath taking views of downtown Pittsburgh, PA.

In these pictures you'll see I made my incline more as per the prototype by installing 2 HO scale track over the O gauge track that was already there.  I'm making incline cars, and that will be the next post!  Thanks for visiting!

2-28-14 - Adding LEDs to the Narrow Nose

For a while now I've been wanting too add some lights to my MTH Premier Conrail dash 8 Narrow Nose diesel.  It had lacked the Red marker lights, ditch lights & ground lights.  As you can see in these pictures the LEDs make a huge difference and make the engine look more prototyplical.  The Ground lights were achieved using a very tiny chip LED above the trucks on each side.  The Red marker lights with done with 1.8mm bulbs to fit a small location.  The ditch Lights were warm white 3mm LEDs.  All these lights are wired into the engine and turn on and off with the number boards.  When I installed them I used a small wire connector inside the shell of the engine, so that in any event of the body having to be taken off, I can disconnect the lights.  Thanks for looking!

2-7-14 - New Police Car Scene!

The new police car scene is just awesome!  First, I started by installing flashing LEDs into the poilice car.  Then, I drilled a series of holes in the layout in a circular pattern, and mounted a small speaker underneath the table where the holes where drilled.  The speaker makes police siren sounds, which is really cool!  A video on youtube will be coming soon with the scene featured in a big layout update! 

2-6-14 - New Fire Scene!

A new fire scene has been added to the layout!  I found this really nice ladder firetruck on eBay and added my own flashing lights to it.  I then Took apart my down by the river 5 story building and put in flashing fire LEDs.  I weathered around the window with some black atrist pastel, and i put in a little red cotton to look like the flames of the fire coming out!  I have a smoke unit I'm going to install another day!  Pictures don't do justice for this scene, it will be featured on youtube in an upcoming layout update video!  Thanks for stopping by!

2-4-14 - MTH single story building addition

These are before and after pictures of an MTH Railking Eatie's Gourmet building. I had one of MTH's signle story additions waiting to be used.  The building was a little tricky to disassemble, but with a little patience, its was just a matter of a few tight screws and some wire clips to be disconeccted.  I'd like to do a couple more of my city buildings like this in the future!

If you notice, my building had been weathered already.  Before I added the single story addition I had to weather it the same way. Thanks again for stopping by!

2-3-14 - Adding LED lighting to O scale vehicles

This was my first time installing LEDs into my O scale vehicles.  I think it turned out great! I found it to be relatively easy, although fitting some of the wiring can be tricky.  I plan on doing many more in the future. Thanks for stopping by!

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