Industrial #5

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Industrial #5 Building Flat


dooway detail

window detail

weathered smoke stack



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Industrial #5
This very realistic industrial factory building front features ultra cool detailing in the windows and brickwork. The distressed look of the building is complemented by a steel beam grid pattern. There's also a small weathered smokestack with prototypical looking dirty smoke exhaust. A doorway flon the front adds the finishing touch. The sides are painted gray, and the back is flat black with my logo!

Width - 10 3/4"
Height - 7 5/8" (not including smokestack)
Depth - 1/4"

•Please Note* In some of the photos the building flat is being displayed amongst other buildings as an example of how you can create an entire city or industry backdrop using the P.T.F. Designs buildings flats system. Pghtrainfanatic is displayed in some of the photos for copyright reasons, your building will not have the name on it. Some taller structures have a tendency to slightly curve.  Once you attach it to the wall this won't matter.  (figures not included)

  • Industrial #5 building flat