Hobo Campfire

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The hobo campfire scenes have incredible detailing! First there's a bright amber colored flickering 9-18 volt LED! The realistic looking fire flicker combined with the real wood log pile really make the fire come to life. There's even some prototypical looking red fire material coming out. Included is a woodland scenics hobo figure which really makes the scene. The tall grass tufts add the look of a realistic weeded scenery, along with the separately applied rocks, dirt, shrubs, and carved rock face.

The entire scene is built on lightweight extruded foam. The bottom is painted flat black and stamped with my logo! The hobo figure is included with your purchase!

LED info:
The flickering amber fire LED accepts any voltage from 9-18 volts. Please so not exceed 18 volts or you will run the risk of shortening the lifespan of the bulb. The led flicker is very realistic and a picture does it no justice. You'll be shocked by the realism!

Length - 6 1/2"
Width - 5 1-2"

*PLEASE ALLOW 2-3 weeks to custom build and ship, these are unique items and each one will vary slightly