LED Lighting


CoolLight up the town LED lighting packgeCool

perfect set for lighting buildings, warning beacons, construction vehicles, campfire, welder, night club, & more!

set includes:

-12 volt DC transformer with female wire jack connector

   (transformer can power up to 50 LEDs)

-10 warm white LEDs (building lighting)

-3 red blinking LEDs (warning beacon)

-2 yellow blinking LEDs (construction) 

-2 flickering amber LEDs (fire)  

-1 flickering white LED (welder)

-1 fast color changing LED (night club)

-1 red/blue alternating LED (police) 


* the bulbs are 3mm pre wired for 9-12 volt DC use each with about 7" of wire attached.

*note additonal wiring will be neccesary done by the user to run wiring to each bulb location on your layout.