Tank Car Accident

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Newly built here in the Pghtrainfanatic workshop is this amazingly awesome & realistic New York Central Railroad Tank Car Accident! Better than Lionel's plastic version!

This tank car accident has incredible detailing! First there's two bright 9-18 volt LEDs! The realistic looking white welding flash, and flickering amber light in the barrel, which also has a prototypical looking red fire coming out. Two welder figures accent the scene, along with a piece of equipment and piping used for the welding. The tall grass tufts add the look of a realistic weeded scene, along with the separately applied rocks, dirt, shrubs, and black spill material! The black spill is built on a mound to look like the tank car spilled some materials!

The MTH railking NYC semi scale tank car has been weathered, and can be removed from the scene! So you can run this car in a consist on your o scale layout and then put it back on the accident scene when finished. You could even replace it with a different tank car on this scene if you wish to do so. The original box for the tank car is included with your purchase. *Notify me if you purchase the scene but don't want the box for the tank car, and I can adjust the shipping if applicable.

The entire scene is built on lightweight and thin brasswood. The bottom is painted flat black and stamped with my logo!

LED info:
The flashing white welder & amber fire flickering LEDs accept any voltage from 9-18 volts. Please so not exceed 18 volts or you will run the risk of shortening the lifespan of the bulb. The led flicker is very realistic and a picture does it no justice. You'll be shocked by the realism!

Width - 12"
Depth - 6"

Don't miss your chance to own this one of a kind piece that will add character and high detail to your O scale or O gauge train layout!


requests to make another like this can be emailed to me at: